Spa Treatments by Perfectly Pampered Day Spa

The spa treatments combined in a Georgian Bay atmosphere, professional products, quality ingredients, energetic trained staff with a variety of background and experience, warmth and relaxation. Providing you with a healing touch that will soothe your muscles, heighten your senses and re-energize your feeling of body, mind and soul. There is no better place to relax and rejuvenate.

Relaxing Message

Your esthetician will apply a soothing oil blend and with the use of relaxing massage techniques will relieve you from any aches and muscle tension that you may have. This will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

30 min $37 / 45 min $50 / 60 min $62/ 75 min $75

Add Lava Shells to any of the above for $20

Lava Shell Massage

Enjoy the benefit of therapeutic heated Lava Shells with any of our Relaxation Massage. The shells are gently warmed through natural energy and provides a long lasting deep heat that relaxes the mind and soothes tired muscles.

75 min $100

Fire & Ice Massage

Lave and Glacial Shells are created from a natural Tiger Shell and porcelain. Hot and cold shells are glided over the body with varying pressure as well as relaxation massage techniques. The contrast of the hot and cold helps improve circulation.

75 min $100

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient healing therapy using deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt stones. With the relaxing strokes of Swedish massage combined with the heated stones draws soreness and stiffness away dissolving tension and stress.

75 min $100

Thai Stem

This relaxing massage uses two Herbal Stems as well as regular massage. The deep moist heat produced by the steamed stems is highly effective and the aromatherapy offered by the herbs is a wonderful way to encourage relaxation.

75 min $100

Reiki Massage

A holistic energy treatment that combines traditional massage with Reiki energy, giving a profoundly relaxing and balancing effect.

60 min $60

Registered Massage Therapy

Perfectly Pampered now offers R.M.T. This therapeutic treatment can target a variety of health concerns. We are currently accepting new clients.

90 min $97.35 / 60 min $70.80 / 45 min $55.52 / 30 min $44.25

Self Tan

A relaxing body exfoliation getting rid of any dry skin then followed with an application of our self tanner giving you a sun kissed glow all over.


Sea Salt Exfoliant

Using a combination of coconut oil, Dead Sea salt and essential oils we will exfoliate your entire body and you can then enjoy a relaxing shower.

add a body bronzing 20 min $25
add a relaxing massage  60 min $50
add a moisturizing 20 min $20

Salt Scrub & Mud Wrap

This relaxing and detoxifying treatment starts with the Sea Salt exfoliation. Then a mud paste is applied which will help detoxify the body, ease muscle aches and promote optimal circulation. This treatment finishes with a relaxing moisturizing treatment. 

90 min $125

Bring a friend and enjoy your spa services in our double treatment room.

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