Facial Treatments by Perfectly Pampered Day Spa

Perfectly Pampered is excited to announce we have recently changed to the Eve Taylor skin care line. This professional line comes out of London, England. it is a high quality, all natural aromatherapy line. 

Microdermabrasion & LED Facial With Deluxe Facial

This is a non-surgical procedure which gently resurfaces the skin. This exfoliation is performed with a diamond tip which brushes the skin's surface and a gentle suction removes dead and damaged cells. By eliminating surface cells, the skin is left soft and supple while promoting the regeneration of new cells. An advanced serum and rubberized mask will finish off the treatment.

90 min $100 

Microdermabrasion With Time Saver Facial 

This includes all the great benefits of the facial above it is finished with a facial oil serum tailored to your skin type and a cream mask.

60 min $80 

Deluxe Facial

This popular facial starts with a consultation that will help you understand what the best skin care regime is for you. Your facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, moisturizing massage, as well as a lymphatic massage. We will include a rubberized mask that will help products penetrate deeper into the skin.

70 min $90

Time Saver Facial

If you need a little pampering but time is always an issue this is the perfect treatment for you. This facial still includes cleansing, exfoliation, some extractions, as well as a massage and mask.  

45 min $70

Beautifying Eye Care

A professional treatment consisting of three phases especially created for the care of the eye contour area. Beautifying Eye Care helps reduce and prevent signs of cutaneous aging (fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness).

25 min $40 / add with any other treatment $30 

Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil

A true “second skin”, the Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil attenuates deep wrinkles and cutaneous ageing. Native Collagen associated with Hyaluronic Acid provides intense moisturizing and regenerating properties revealing a smooth, supple and youthful looking skin.

60 min $105


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